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BellaVetro Mosaic Art
BellaVetro Mosaic Art


BellaVetro Mosaic Art

Offering a Unique Visual Experience

BellaVetro creates exquisitely hand-cut mosaic art inspired by well known artists as well as by you--our esteemed client. We offer works seen in our gallery and welcome custom work. The result is a statement piece with impact, whether a cascading mosaic splashing across a multi-level atrium or a larger than life portrait. Bring us your design or simply suggest an idea and we will partner with you to transform the imagined into reality.

BellaVetro’s commitment to the extraordinary entails close attention to detail - the shape of each tile, the perfect placement, exacting color selection. When we create your masterpiece, every tile matters.





Please contact us with inquiries, pricing requests, or questions regarding our services. We are more than happy to assist you. 


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