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Giving Back

BellaVetro mosaic tile art

BellaVetro is committed to bringing beauty to the world beyond our artistic endeavors. We are a proud contributor to a variety of charities, including UNICEF, the Holly Rose Ribbon Foundation, and the Blue Cure Foundation. As we move forward, we are proud to continue our support for the UNICEF Children First Fund. Community matters, and BellaVetro cares.


BellaVetro Mosaic tile art
BellaVetro mosaic tile art charity auction Audrey Hepburn Gala Unicef Fink Sean Ferrer
BellaVetro mosaic tile art Audrey Hepburn Unicef Gala charity auction

BellaVetro made history at UNICEF’s 2nd Annual Audrey Hepburn Society Ball when Hepburn’s son, Sean Hepburn Ferrer, personally approved the beautiful, hand-cut mosaic created in Ms. Hepburn’s image for the evening’s auction. This was the first approval of his mother’s image that Mr. Hepburn had ever given. The results were incredible; the mosaic auctioned for $7,000 – a significant contribution to UNICEF and its efforts to make the world safer for children.


The 4.5 ft. tall mosaic of Audrey Hepburn commanded the attention of the room, raising a total of $7,000.
CEO David Fink smiles alongside Sean Hepburn Ferrer, celebrating a new milestone in Audrey Hepburn’s legacy and commitment to children.

BellaVetro’s mosaic art was an extraordinary success at the completely sold-out, 9th Annual ‘Shades of Roses’ Auction-Dinner. CEO David Fink worked directly with Cindi Rose, Founder of the Holly Rose Ribbon Foundation, to develop special mosaics that would complement her show. At the end of the night, the more than $100,000 raised made a big difference in the charity and its efforts to raise awareness for breast cancer.


BellaVetro mosaic tile art auction charity Holly Rose Ribbon Foundation David Fink

BellaVetro’s work was featured at the Blue Cure Foundation’s 2013 Luncheon & Lecture Series, a fundraising auction for prostate cancer awareness. The two mosaics donated – renditions of Vermeer’s ‘Girl with the Pearl Earring’ and Van Gogh’s ‘Portrait of Armand Roulin’ – proved as inspirational as the event itself, garnering a grand total of over $7000 for the Blue Cure charity. 


BellaVetro mosaic tile art Vermeer Girl with the Pearl Earring Blue Cure Foundation
BellaVetro Mosaic tile art Blue Cure foundation girl with the pearl earring vermeer damien garza
BellaVetro mosaic tile art Unicef
BellaVetro mosaic tile art Fink Van Gogh Vermeer Blue Cure Foundation charity Portrait of Armand Roulin
BellaVetro mosaic tile art mannequin event fashion show custom
Bellavetro mosaic tile art mannequin custom event fashion show
BellaVetro mosaic tile glass art gold mannequin fashion show events

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