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The Beauty

of Details

The beauty of BellaVetro mosaics is in the details. The immediacy of color, unique style, and texture draw one in; the complexity of the design is what captures the imagination, the mind. In the illustrious bird panel to the left - a specialized work - one can see by looking closer the intricate and precise placement of each tile. Every mosaic by BellaVetro is created by the touch of an artist's hand, and that care translates into the intimacy and connection felt when viewing our art.

BellaVetro Mosaic Art
BellaVetro Mosaic Art
BellaVetro Mosaic Art

BellaVetro is proud to create customized work to meet your every need. Request a specialized work today. View some of our custom works below.


BellaVetro mosaic portrait sheik middle east interior art
BellaVetro mosaic art falcon interior design patriotic
BellaVetro floral mosaic art interior design
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