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Hals, Lute Player
Lempicka, Girl in Green with Gloves
Picasso, The Dream
Georg Schrimpf, Portrait
Otto Dix, Sylvia von Harden
Matisse, Creole Dancer
Matisse, Two Dancers
Vermeer, Girl with the Pearl Earring
Lempicka, Count D'Aflitto
Man Ray, Synfonica
Boticelli, Idealized Portrait



Art is the creative masterpiece arising from inspiration and curiosity. It allows us to explore the beauty found by others, while seeking new renditions ourselves. BellaVetro turns to the masters of art and discovers the light within them. Our glass tiles shimmer and reflect the colors of day and night, and the texture of tile and precious gems add a new dimension. Our inspiration and curiosity have led to the most detailed and extravagant mosaics found in the art world. Please, take a look, and enjoy.

BellaVetro mosaic tile art
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